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Paul Ineson - Co-active coaching for a whole new way of life.

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The Coaching Company & Summit Leadership

"And if there is one fact in life, it is that no one can achieve extraordinary success in any area without recruiting outside resources."                             MENTORED by a MILLIONAIRE (2004) Steven K. Scott

We all have our blind spot, no matter how hard we attempt to overcome it, that is why a professionally trained coach can see what you cannot.

The Coaching Company is an experienced and inspiring life coaching and performance coaching team. We are focused on achieving deep work through the mind with open understanding and an open heart. Paul Ineson is the founder and principal, an experienced Co-Active professional coach. 

We specialise on unlocking potential in your personal happiness and work success. We offer one to one personal coaching, career coaching, executive and talent development coaching, and leadership facilitation skills for organisational managers and business owners.

"Modern life's glut of options and stimuli can be so overwhelming that those with the ability to see the big picture - to sort out what really matters - have a decided advantage in their pursuit of personal well-being."                                                                                   A WHOLE NEW MIND (2008): Daniel Pink

Our work includes helping clients to develop their own big picture of the world, to take a step back from the daily activities and expectations of others and create a successful life in work and personal direction.

Reduce your risk when working with a coach, choose a coach who is trained in a model which is proven to be successful ....."The Co-Active model has been a commercially successful and popular coaching model",  Michael Cavanagh PhD and Anthony M Grant PhD, (Director):  Coaching  Psychology  Unit, School of Psychology, University of Sydney.

Our New Zealand Coaching Company Offers:

        Life Coaching:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual awareness

   Leadership Training:

  • Leadership programs
  • Executive  coaching
  • Group Facilitation


  • Personal growth
  • Performance skills / speaking
  • Success in  Sales
  • Leadership and your work

      Career Coaching:

  • Team Building
  • Personal Values
  • Sales
  • Work / Life Balance
  • People skills

Below are direct benefits ("quotes") from clients, both in business and personal coaching.

Benefits our clients have gained from personal coaching:

  • "I have a new concept of awareness"

  • "To push myself past and beyond old boundaries"

  • "New vitality from exercise on a regular basis"

  • "New positive self belief, eliminating self doubt"

  • "A feeling of well being from having control and management in all aspects of my life"

  • "Insight into how the gremlin (voice of self doubt) have affected my behaviour & developing tools to counter their effect"

  • "An increased appreciation of my relationships"

Results our clients have gained from career and sales coaching:

  • "A huge increase in potential listings - my pipeline of future income"

  • "A awareness of working smarter and set priorities"

  • "An ability to bring about change"

  • "Clearer focus on what's required to bring success"

  • "Precision listening"

  • "I am experiencing a whole shift in my thinking, and I’m pleased to report that my business opportunities have doubled over the past week. I feel a lot more confident in my approaches, and this is evident in my results."

  • "Learning to form new improved habits"

  • "Acting on what I believe I need to do to achieve better results"

"I have really enjoyed the last 3 months and have definitely found it to be beneficial for my personal and business development "." Coaching lets you leave behind old tired perspectives and take hold of new exciting ways of thinking, creating a new beginning in the  areas you choose to work on"."It gives you the time to reflect, verbalise and work on the thoughts you have that never get the time to reach the surface". March 2007
Paula McHerron Property Consultant MREINZ

"(your coaching) was enabling and allowed me to unlock my true potential. Having an overview of my life, I could see the terrain as completely visible which helped plan the journey. The coaching style, pace and relationship was 100% right for me,... after one year of phone-coaching my actions and thinking was way beyond what I expected." (Eckhard, IT Professional, Germany)

We learned a lot from your seminars. Thank you for providing our management team the leadership skills to take our company to the next level.
- management team from Perfect Payday

If you are residing in New Zealand, Australia, Europe or just about anywhere else, why not find out how career, life, leadership or executive business coaching can help you reach your full potential?