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"Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps"       David Lloyd George

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About The Coaching Company & Summit Leadership

Paul Ineson is the leader of The Coaching Company and co-founder of Summit Leadership. He is
an accredited Leadership Coach with the Leadership Development Centre; a leadership hub of excellence which develops leadership capability for the New Zealand public sector. Paul has coached many managers and executives on their leadership development, team leadership and business acumen.

Paul works with corporate companies and government organisations in NZ and Australia to develop performance and help executives in work crisis. He leads workshops and educates in the dynamics of change management at the individual, team and culture level.

On a personal and business platform Paul has personal clients and coaches his clients to identify and overcome blocks and think strategically, thus enabling them to move forward to the next career level or growth of  their business. He has a speciality niche as a leadership coach and is a member of the International Coach Federation.  . 

Trained with The Coaches Training Institute (London), Paul has completed the rigorous training to practice as a Co-Active life and executive business coach. He is also a Leader graduate from the challenging ten month international Co-Active Leadership program. He combines these skills with outdoor and team leadership experience to deliver programs that can grow and develop individuals and contribute to the development of their organisation.

Paul’s ten years experience in the corporate world with leading blue chip companies - in New Zealand and the UK, and working as a senior nurse for six years in the public service has given him an unique insight into people’s lives and business challenges. He brings a rich, board and deep perspective for his clients to experience personal growth, achieve better results in business or develop their career advancement.

Paul has been a mentor with Project K, a leading best practice organisation to mentor young people in New Zealand. He lives in New Zealand with his partner and three children.

Derek McCullum is an associate of The Coaching Company and brings extensive experience in career coaching, leadership and facilitation of small and large groups.  He has developed his own style of coaching which is to work along side his client. The key importance is to listen and then ask the important questions which will help the client to arrive at their own solution.

He has presented workshops at national conferences and lead training for a wide range of different types of groups, including the self-employed, teachers, corporate and the public sector. As well, he has worked with both individuals and groups in career management, planning, job search and life skills.

Derek has been with Career Services as Regional Manager for Canterbury since 2003. Prior to this, Derek has been involved in the Secondary Education sector for 25 years, in positions as Career Advisor, Head of Department, Deputy Principal and Principal.

As part of his voluntary work, Derek has worked as a volunteer for Samaritans, co-facilitator for North Harbour Living without Violence, and worked for Relationship Services as a facilitator for couples.   

The Coaches Training Institute is an international coach training organisation, training coaches globally in USA, UK, Spain, Norway, Japan, Israel, Denmark, and Canada. The Core Curriculum and the Certification Program are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and satisfy the training requirements for ICF credentials.  

In Life and Business Paul says you should:

  • Make fitness and good health habits part of your working day.
  • Believe you are capable of more than you currently do.
  • Develop relationships which adds 'value' to others.
  • Relax enough to enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends.
  • Be radical about something.
  • Understand that rejection is only feedback.
  • Slow down enough to 'listen' to the feedback.
  • Say "YES" to what is important and Say "NO" to what you won't tolerate.
  • Develop high self-awareness, many key turning points are available to tuned-in people.
  • Discover people who believe in you - it is a powerful way to move to the next level.


Cornerstone of our work has been creating ways to help people connect more deeply with one another - and with their work goals and sense of life purpose.

We will work with you in a coaching relationship, embracing leadership to provide innovative and when called for radical solutions to people issues.

Our Values:

  • We believe people and companies are productive and performing at their best when they are relaxed, in-balance and are challenged to take risks to reach the next level.
  • We value spaciousness for people to learn, self-direct and have freedom to think.
  • We foster collaboration to co-create outcomes for individuals to fulfill their potential and for the business to grow and flourish.
  • Inspiration is important to us so people can aim to achieve as star performers.
  • We offer a working environment where intuition and spontaneity is valued and a sense of humour is welcomed.

Find out more about Paul, Fiona and the executive business, career, leadership and life coaching courses they offer through The Coaching Company.