"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it."  Goethe

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Management  Coaching

“Paul’s approach helped me free up my mind for change, and the power of the imagery we created together gave me a blueprint for reflection and action. I think the two key things for me were accessing the emotional strength I could bring to relationships and recognising the freedom that change brings. Whether you want to use this for work reasons or your own personal growth, Paul helps you to design the possibilities and then develop them through free-ranging discussion backed up by powerful off-line tasks, with the only boundaries being the ones you put in place yourself. He asks perceptive and very liberating questions and these encourage you to put aside all limiting self talk and just go for it!”                  Roger: Senior Career Manager for Public Sector, Dec 2007.

Our Executive clients include: ANZ Financial Services, Alcatel-Lucent, Harcourts, DTZ, IBM, and the NZ Government or Crown agencies : SPARC (Sport & Recreation), Career Services, Ministry of Social Development, and numerous Entrepreneur Business Owners..

Our Promise to you:

We will help your people to gain confidence in their own abilities to achieve tough goals, develop positive skills to implement  change, and to challenge their self-limitations. Whether through one to one executive coaching or interactive group workshops your people will experience increased effectiveness in influencing others, and learn new skills and tools to improve work performance.

This means that  they will be able with clarity to direct and channel their renewed commitment and  energy to face the future with significant confidence towards organizational outcomes and  marketplace advantage.

Many executives are in work crisis and are failing or struggling under pressure.With our experience  we will work with them to overcome their blocks and open the way so they think strategically and become emotionally engaged in their work.

Gaining clarity is priceless for organizational success, and the tools available cannot be achieved through traditional management training or development.

"Through its support for and focus on individual performance, (corporate coaching) aims at achieving corporate excellence,..... As a high-leverage intervention, the impact of an executive coach on a few key individuals can drive through massive changes in a corporate setting,.... senior managers need coaching as much as the youngest fledglings".

- Grant  Ledgerwood, University of Greenwich: From Strategic Planning to Strategic Coaching


Executive coaching in New Zealand is mostly used by senior executives, senior and middle managers, emerging leaders, directors at the top of their organisation or others with people or strategic responsibility.

The outcomes are driven and identified by the executive or manager, often choosing to focus on interpersonal skills, team culture change, leadership purpose, influence managing 'upwards', communication skills, performance goals, work / life balance with clear and measurable outcomes.

Executives or managers may address issues outside work, such as relationships, fitness, health and recreation and personal goals which directly or indirectly impacts on their work performance.

 Other services offered include:

  • Coaching executives and managers to excel under pressure
  • Leading interactive group workshops for Financial Advisors, and the Bank Industry.
  • Consulting on how to develop a "learning and coaching" culture.
  • Leadership skills - training managers to effect personal change.
  • Consulting on Performance growth by new models of neuro-learning.
  • Advisor to Senior Managers in people development.

Accountability is built into the executive coaching relationship to support the executive taking action towards achieving goals and getting results.

The executive coaching relationship is between the coach and executive and remains confidential between the two parties, regular and direct feedback from the coach helps facilitates change.

Executive coaching in New Zealand and Australia is also offered as an ongoing support program post leadership training to sustain behavioural changes long-term.

Initially an agreement for three months is required to notice real change, however many clients continue executive coaching for up to one year and beyond.

Results from executive coaching:

You will develop a stronger sense of self, gain clarity on important business and life issues, and see the world from a fundamental state of leadership.

 Your insight and understanding of business objectives has helped me deal with tough people issues. I have new skills to develop people and always enjoyed the work we did together as you pushed my self imposed limitations and challenged my assumptions. I am now confidently communicating in demanding team meetings and my team are supportive and have a positive attitude to drive business".    (Jon, Pharmaceutical Business Manger, Innovex, UK)

"(from coaching),... I am experiencing a whole shift in my thinking, and I am pleased to report that my business opportunities have doubled over the past week. I feel a lot more confident in my approaches, and this is evident in my results." (Marie, Consultant, July '06)

Patrice (Switzerland) says, "Paul....   you are one of the best coaches I have ever had. Your intuition, love, style and authenticity are so real and deep".

If executive coaching in New Zealand or Australia is the next step for you, contact: The Coaching Company.