"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart."
          Carl Jung

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The Coaching Company

How Life Coaching in New Zealand makes you successful:

  • Is your life spiralling downward with no brakes on?
  • Do you feel unhappy about what the future holds for you?
  • Are your personal problems unresolved and causing conflict with family or at work?  

Life Coaching in New Zealand and worldwide is a pathway for you to make your dreams real and overcome barriers to achieve personal happiness. You will want to make changes in your life or personal situation and even have an important goal to conquer. People who come to coaching are committed to overcoming obstacles, having their life full of personal satisfaction, success,  and growing as a person. 

We work with individuals motivated to change, sometimes this is after a career change, a financial crisis, a turning point in life or illness and sometimes when getting 'things' in order will make all the difference. Often a shift has happened, such as it is time for a new career or an important relationship has ended.

Life Coaching in New Zealand is a positive step toward taking control, moving away from repeated mistakes and breakdowns and towards more personal happiness and fulfilment.

Life Coaching provides people with an overview of their whole life, where personal balance is missing and how obstacles can be removed and life can be expanded; the resulting action is lasting and meaningful.

Life Coaching may address specific personal projects, life balance, business success or other challenges in the client's life or profession.

Clients know that life coaching in New Zealand or anywhere in the world is a clear intention and investment to create a rich and fulfilling life. We are, as your coach committed to your journey and personal success.


The journey forward: We specialise on building the bridge for people who want more life fulfillment through personal growth and business success.

"Thank you so much for leading me through this journey of a deeper "inner discovery" of who I am, and what I want from life. This last three months has been a very enlightening time for me, and has left me with a positive feeling of well-being, and has served as a great healing time as well. Thank you, and may you continue to help and inspire others along their life paths." (M.S., coachee, Oct '06)

Life Purpose:

At some level we all want to contribute to a better world. We will use our energy to live a more purposeful and dynamic life, and bring to fulfillment our own unique "dharma" (achievement of our life pattern) . This will be something practical and personal: fulfilling our deepest learning, from moment to moment, in the most effective and desirable way.

Our Life Purpose is beyond a career vision or personal mission statement, it is an internal awareness that we are fully alive, and making a difference in the world. Often we don't know what  our Life Purpose is, and may not realise our impact  on the people around us and the wider community.  We do know when we have "resonance", it is a strong chord that reverberates, like a turning fork. We will help you find your resonance.

In Co-Active coaching we will work with you to discover your Life Purpose, to help you fulfill your dharma, to live a life with practical usefulness and personal meaning.

In the right environment and the right support you can achieve anything you want.

Life satisfaction

  • Holding on to your big dream too long and need your feet held to the fire?
  • Deciding your Primary Focus - where to put your time and attention!
  • Co-Active coaching is about  your  "whole" life.
  • One question I ask my clients is:" Who are you being when the possibilities in life are limitless?"� Once the decision is made to take the next step across the threshold, your whole life can start coming together.
  • Feeling relaxed and at ease with yourself, at home and at work.
  • Gain the fulfilment and balance that a Co-Active coaching relationship can achieve for you.
  • Personal growth impacts in all aspects of your life see the difference for yourself.

Professional success

  • Want a coach to empower you to change or will fear stop you?
  • Is professional success evading you, or are you ready for the next learning curve?
  • Are you making enough money, gaining promotions, developing as a leader or growing your area of excellence?
  • We will ask you the hard questions and hold you accountable to get results.
  • Saving time and getting ahead in your life is one of the reasons you might hire a coach.
  • The Coaching Company works with professionals to create the goals and structures needed to achieve success.

Career development

  • Feeling trapped and restless? Learn new skills to be confident to go to the next career level.
  • Gain balance in relationships and re-energise your creativity.
  • Deepen leadership and learning; unleash your full talent.
  • Successfully thrive from career coaching, work with a career coach from The Coaching Company.
"After life coaching I realised the only thing stopping me from achieving in life was myself. I "found" I had enough money to travel the world, buy investment properties, buy a Mercedes, compete in a triathlon and only work about 9 months of the year.

wrote down dream goals and achieved most of them. I had reservations about group coaching but found them very valued, as I learned how other sales consultants think and learned from that and their experiences."
Gwyneth Harris Harcourts Grenadier - City Branch

"My focus was to reach peak performance. You really stood up and supported my abilities and goals. I achieved balance in my family life and new skills to build my business. I have enjoyed the one to one coaching and achieved results that make my life rewarding".    (Penny, self-employed, UK)

"Just wanted to say, you are pretty awesome as a coach, I can't believe my luck in finding you,the universe really was watching over me.  Thanks"   (Sue, Rotorua, Small Business Owner)

The impact for you:

Life Coaching re-energises, restores, illuminates and clarifies what is important to us all.

Life Coaching in New Zealand provides an unique environment to make personal and career changes. Experience the inspiration that comes from the view at the summit and the fulfilment of exploring your journey from sea to summit.

If Life Coaching is for you, I invite you to contact: The Coaching Company.