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The Coaching Company & Summit Leadership

Executive Education and Training Workshops for Managers and Leaders:

Someone once said: "Living in a cave does not make you a geologist", which is a great analogy for
the expectations that we have of our work in organisations today and the trouble many managers get into! 

Our executive education will provide a stimulating platform to explore and discuss these issues in depth for new learning and our training workshops will provide new practical skills and knowledge for managers to improve performance.

  • Understanding the POLITICAL Metaphor : What every Public Servant manager needs to know about Power, Rank and Conflict

  • Understanding the CULTURE Metaphor: What every Public Servant manager needs to know about creating sustainable change

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Applying the Principals in your organisation

  • Making sense and use of Emotional Intelligence for Leadership in a day.

  • CONFIDENCE: The "gold" psychological quality of leadership.

  • A WHOLE NEW MIND: Leadership Lessons from the book by Daniel Pink

For specialised software and technological companies:

  • From Caveman to Geologist: how to built great teams and succeed as the new Team Manager.

To know more and discuss opportunities contact: Paul on the "Enquiries" page or call +64 3 384 0451.

Work with a New Zealand career coach to stand above the particles and crack the secret to the life you want


If you are keen to advance your career and have the lifestyle you choose; work with a New Zealand career coach, contact: The Coaching Company.

Current Needs of the Market for Business coaching:
  • Building New Teams post organisational restructure.
  • Identifying new skills for success in the changed global market.
  • Career opportunities - what divides the successful from mediocrity.
  • Personal Recovery - from work / technology / stress / emotional overload.
  • Thinking Tools - to facilitate learning, future ideas, and emotional shifts.

Book Recommendations for peer group book reviews and  business people :

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: A  Handbook for Ambitious Owner Managers,
Burke, G., et. al. (2008)

THE FEMALE ADVANTAGE: Women's Ways of Leadership
Sally Helgesen (1995)

CONFIDENCE: How Winning Steaks and Losing Steaks Begin and End
Rosabeth Moss Kanter (2006)

LEADERSHIP AND THE NEW SCIENCE: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World
Margaret J. Wheatley (2006)

Specialty Workshops available:

How to Succeed in Work Relationships in a Fast World

Enjoy great work relationships? In today's world technical skills and intelligence will not be enough for individuals to develop meaningful and fulfilled relationships.

"Intellectual behaviours are still critical for leaders, but relationships are essential for achieving success. Leaders of today need to be able to deal with people, to build, nurture and develop long-term relationships, to show sensitivity, flexibility, and be more prepared to help others to learn"  - Sir  Chay Blythe (leader in round the world sailing) .

  1. Empower yourself to think about your relationships strategically
  2. You will learn a new model to design relationships that are high in trust
  3. Learn and practice new skills to engage successfully with assertive people
  4. Understand how difficult work relationships issues are open doors for growth
  5. You will develop the skills great leaders use in their relationships to communicate

This interactive two day program is suitable for "teams" and cross-functional employees at compatible business levels.      This program is delivered as an interactive coaching and teaching  workshop to meet the individual and group learning needs.                                            Contact:  succeed@thecoachingcompany.co.nz    for additional information, learning outcomes and costs. Reference: Succeed

sound Minds and sound Bodies make sound Choices

Stressed out? Feeling tense? Lacking energy? Procrastinating? Troubled relationships? Unfocused teams? Research shows that increased self-awareness improves work productivity, communication and relationship growth. Feeling at ease and comfortable in a sound body makes others more receptive and engaged. Together a sound Mind and a sound Body make sound Choices no matter the pressures and stresses of life.

This is a 3 in 1 workshop: integrating relaxation, self-awareness and visualisation exercises to clear the mind, sharpen the focus and relax the body. Gain the clarity and purpose when making choices in your life in a relaxed, centered state of mind and body.

  1. see problems / challenges from a positive relaxed prespective
  2. become grounded and focused on the moment
  3. develop alertness in your thinking skills
  4. learn new non-verbal communication skills
  5. have fun and a laugh
  6. get to know each other in a relaxed new interactive manner
  7. relax the body and calm the mind for renewed energy

This one day interactive experiential coaching program can be tailored to meet your needs, work with a New Zealand career coach, contact : soundmind@thecoachingcompany.co.nz  for fees and dates. Reference: soundMind

Dialogue - a specialty one day workshop for consultants, coaches, trainers and managers / leaders.

Creating dialogue with clients is more than a skill,  it is a real conversation and engagement to provide a common language that can open up new perspectives, new meanings, new exploration, new choices and new  behaviours.

In this workshop  you will discover:

  • How dialogue creates a trusting and safe relationship.
  • How to ask powerful questions that guide the client to reflect deeply or move forward with action.
  • Important skills, such as acknowledging, requesting, challenging and bottom-lining.
  • Barriers that prevent the client  from understanding.
  • How to use your curiousity and intuition in conversations to  provide immediate feedback to clients.
  • How metaphor is a tool for your client to gain deeper insight and understanding.
  1. Learn to create dialogue that facilitates adult to adult conversations and develops a competitive edge for the business
  2. Your work colleagues / clients will feel understood in a non-judgmental way and hence more likely to be genuinely disclosing and open
  3. Being curious allows individuals to state their thoughts and feelings more clearly. This can lead to increased insight, creative thinking and problem solving.

This one day workshop is available to small groups of professionals or as an in-house program. Work with a New Zealand career coach, Contact:   dialogue@thecoachingcompany.co.nz   for more details and costs. Reference: Dialogue