"If I had to name a driving force in my life. I'd name passion every time."
         -  Anita Roddick

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The Coaching Company & Summit Leadership

"The leadership process begins when we identify and accept the call and take the journey that follows."                                                               The Dance of Leadership: Peter Cammock (2003)

Leadership Coaching in New Zealand

We coach managers and executives and teams in the public sector and corporate organisations to become and act as leaders. You will experience the power of ongoing reframing inquiry and transformational action to move you beyond your present capabilities and beliefs.

Leadership coaching in New Zealand is a voyage of personal understanding and development which can successfully transform not only your own performance but also those of your team, projects and whole organisation. And as a result leaders become highly effective change agents.

The path forward is qualitatively different and the process is a commitment to organisational change and learning.

"Co-Active coaching has been the most fascinating and useful leadership development process for me over the past year. The coaching has involved a series of emergent and, at times, surprising agendas. Central to this has been the pulling together my life (core) purpose with leadership purpose. This relationship wasn't exactly apparent and coaching has enabled me to develop a stronger sense of "self" across both the workplace and the rest of my life.

I think that managers typically understand managerial transactions and behaviours quite readily; however I have discovered that leadership (coaching) draws one into a unique level of awareness. It benefits from an "interior view" which in turn strengthens and focuses outward behaviour.

Coaching has recently taken me to a point where I am now working to articulate my own leadership theory and test the congruence of my theory with my behaviours. Also, my belief has been reinforced that leadership is essentially a formative process, requiring facilitation of a workplace narrative which pulls together purpose, aspiration and context for both my Area team and the organisation.

Another specifically useful aspect is that the more I am able to understand and apply leadership perspectives, my own boundaries and my expectations of staff become a lot clearer - this  certainly raises levels of energy and commitment.

My coach, Paul, has a profound deep understanding of process and enquiry. Each session is different and I am regularly surprised by the ideas and tasks that emerge. Many of these I have been able to adapt and use in my own leadership context, and this pragmatism is the essential value of our coaching relationship" (April '09)

R.J. Area Manager, Central North Island, Public Services sector

 Current leadership training programmes we offer:

Inside the Leader:
The fundamental question of this course is who are you as a leader? This course explores your natural talents and core strengths, and expands self-awareness and understanding as a leader. This program will challenge you to discover your 'authentic' self, and to access and use your personal power and influence. The outcome is to develop a strong leader from within and to succeed in a competitive global market.    .

Outside the Leader:
Moving from 'authentic self to others' is the difference between getting results to growing others; building sustainable and successful teams and organisations. Now that you have a strong leadership core (Inside the Leader), you will explore how your external feedback is shaping and calling forth your greatest capabilities and evoking in you the challenge to move to the next leadership level?
This program will grow you as a leader to be a powerful influencer and player in the external team and organisation.

Impact: Leading from the Heart
To impact others powerfully is more than a skill or capability. It is an authentic and genuine connection to reach out and touch others. Often we don't do this well because of the presentation techniques which take us away from our unique core strengths. This program will encourage you to 'open-up', and your openness will transform your impact on others. You will learn how to reach out, create emotional connection and impact  powerfully.
Designed for participants to create lasting impact at individual, team and culture level.

Capability Coaching: Building Deep Coaching Competencies
This program develops coaching leadership styles that promote an open learning culture at all levels. Ideal for managers / directors with responsibility to develop people. What are the skills, tools and methodology which will shift traditional management or thinking paradigms? This program will address these enquiries and help provoke new creativity and solutions to create powerful learning cultures.

Moving Forward:
Implemented at a project or team level to create forward action. It is ideal for a new team, specific business challenge or projects which are unresolved or stuck. When applying the same thinking, the same solutions to new problems does not work anymore then this program will show you new tools to get your different results.

Beyond the Theory of Leadership: Creating from Everything
A practical course designed to stretch CEO, Directors and Senior Managers within the business and wider community.
A demanding program that pushes the leadership envelope. Leaders experience engaging at the cutting edge of emergent reality and learn how to use their instinctual urges to “know” what action is required to positively work as significant change agents and move the organisation forward.

What we believe:

  • At your best you have limitless ability
  • You want deep connection to other people
  • You desire a life with emotional, spiritual and psychological richness
  • Service to Others is a fundamental belief about leadership
  • You know that cookie-cut leadership won't be good enough

Personal Leadership is for everyone, not just the few.


The bottom line:

Our leadership training programs aim to call forth leaders, who are outstanding in their leadership of people and role model excellence as a leader. The move to the next level requires a paradigm shift, heightened self-awareness and the ability to realise new learning's back into the workplace.

Our approach

  • Summit leadership provides leadership training programs to develop human capability.
  • Our leadership training programs provide a safe and courageous environment for individual and team development.
  • Focusing on the human element of people success, we expand the full range of natural talents, strengths and emotions that leaders bring to the table.
  • Our approach accepts and assimilates intuition and emotion as primary ingredients in the learning process.
  • We offer ongoing executive coaching to sustain long term behavioural changes.
  • Bespoke leadership training programs can be designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Participants experience and learn lasting leadership that:

  • Expands their self capabilities to access deep inner resources and strengths.
  • Demands stepping up and claiming their place as a leader.
  • Excites their passion to grow and mature as leaders in the organisation / community.
  • Provokes action to impact powerfully on their environment and team / culture.
  • Challengers old habits and supports taking 100% personal responsibility.
  • Inspires the personal best from others.

You demonstrated courage to me by being vulnerable and taking chances.  You were lots of fun to be with and I wish we could have gone on a hiking or fishing trip together.  You have an ability to see what others miss and that makes you very valuable and interesting." (Rich,  Company Director and Leader, USA)

If any of these New Zealand, Europe, or UK leadership programs resonate with you, or to discuss your leadership requirements contact: The Coaching Company.