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"80% of success is just turning up"
               Woody Allen

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The Coaching Company & Summit Leadership

Are you ready to work with your personal life coach in New Zealand?

"The Co-Active coaching model differs from more behavioural or cognitive models where the focus is on improved performance, or, put another way, stops at the level of mental productions and therefore ignores more evolved and more insightful ways of experiencing reality.

During a tape-recorded interview with one of the founders of Co-Active Coaching, Henry Kimsey-House (April 2004), he described to me its background. He claimed that it was the first truly holistic approach designed to address the clients whole life, at every level of consciousness.", extract from ..... International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring Vol. 4, No.2, Autumn 2006 Page 68

Don't take chances with your future and career / business opportunities, there are now many coaches
trained in different coaching models. Ask your coach for the evidence to back-up their claims and more
importantly your investment and your life!

The Co-Active model is internationally recognised for business and personal change. "The Co-Active
model  has been a commercially successful and popular coaching model
", Michael Cavanagh PhD
and Anthony M Grant PhD,  (Director): Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, University of

Below is a mini checklist to assess if you are ready to get great results from a personal life coach in
New  Zealand, UK or just about anywhere.

  • How much of You have you lost in today's material world?
  • Feeling motivated to take some risks, and wanting support to go all the way?
  • Frustrated at repeating the same old habits with the same limited outcome?
  • Want a coach to help you reach your own limitless abilities??
  • Enjoying success AND inspired to reach new heights?
  • Always busy and productive and need some own space to relax and enjoy?
  • Holding on to your big dream too long and need your feet held to the fire?
  • Restless at work, knowing that it is time for a change?
  • Knowing now is the time to say YES to create the future you want!
  • Believing in yourself to invest the time and money to make significant changes.

Your journey can make a fresh start now, if you can no longer accept the status quo, feel the fire burning in your soul, want to make significant career or management leaps then together we do it best.

Your Investment

The fees for the coaching sessions depend on your specific requirements, normally one hour  per session, other periods and rates can be negotiated.

Corporate and Government Workshop programs and Consultant Services fees available on request.

Performance Coaching

If you are motivated to take your sports performance - recreational or competitively, to the next level then "Performance Coaching" will be the ideal step to get you there. Are you keen for more success, to improve your Golf Handicap, Race faster times, improve your Masters ranking, or compete competitively at local or National or Masters Tournaments?

Performance Coaching goes beyond your fitness or physical skills level and offers tools to shift your present level of performance to a breakthrough level.   

Performance Coaching is suitable for serious athletes or recreational weekend social players of any age motivated to learn how Winner's develop their mindset to get superior results, so you can to. Usually requires just 2 coaching sessions, with one follow-up session three weeks later, you can make permanent changes to your thinking and understanding leading to better performance to achieve lasting results.

  • Performance coaching fees start at $95.00 / session plus GST, depending on an individual needs assessment .

Personal coaching

Ideal for individuals working on personal and life changes or setting new goals to challenge your limits
and achieve changes in career opportunities or earnings, enhance life fulfilment, and reach your potential.

  • Personal one to one life coaching, starting at $80 / session plus GST, depending on an individual needs assessment.
Small Business

  • Self-employed and Small business coaching, starting at $300 / month plus GST
  • Ideal for self-employed and small business owners to learn new skills for market growth and receive independent feedback on what works and what doesn't from an experienced coach.
  • Leadership Coaching and Workshop Training fees will depend on your individual and company requirements.
  • Other services, such as reviewing Business Plans available on request.

Executive and Management coaching
  • Investment fees depend on an initial assessment and follow-up written plan.
  • Ideal for the senior manager and executive who is seeking further management and leadership  performance from an independent coach skilled in organisational change.
  • Great for middle managers and professionals in "transition'" who have the opportunity to  move ahead in a new industry, change career paths or desires new work-life balance.
  • Ideal for executives / managers / leaders who want to advance their personal growth and  fulfil their career potential in the workplace.
Patrice (Switzerland) says, "Paul....   you are one of the best coaches I have ever had.
Your intuition,
love, style and authenticity are so real and deep".

Decide now to take action and contact The Coaching Company for a trial coaching session with a personal life coach.

Some recommendations:

If you are not yet ready to work face to face with a coach or for Tel-coaching and don't want to make the
time  and financial commitment, here are some books which might start you off on the right track. They
are a good way to learn some more about yourself and life, and provide an inspiring starting point.
Read them, try out a few different ideas, risk failure and take what works for you.

Books are however not the same as the experience so once you feel confident to invest in your own
future,  call  The Coaching Company. Ask to speak to Paul, your own personal coach, an experienced Co-Active coach in personal and business coaching.

Half Marathon: Week-By-Week Coaching System   by  Jon Ackland
Million Dollar Consulting : The Professional's Guide to Growing a
Practice by Alan Weiss
The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to
High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
Doing Leadership Differently: Gender, Power and Sexuality in a changing
Business Culture by Amanda Sinclair
Sitting in the Fire: Large group transformation using conflict and
diversity by Arnold Mindell
Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in
Work and Life by Laura Whitworth, et al.
The Portable Coach by Thomas J. Leonard.
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff and it's all small stuff by Richard
Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organisations and
Society by Peter Senge, et al.
A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield.
Generation Y: Thriving with Generation Y at Work by Peter Sheahan
The Dance of Leadership by Peter Cammock.
Life Lessons: How our Mortality can Teach us about Life and Living
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler.
Q. Learning produce a series of short 'back pocket' books for people
who haven't the time to attend a long training course, these are:
Entrepreneur : Be your Best ... and Beyond
Leader : Be your Best ... and Beyond
-others are: Change Manager /Coach /Consultant /Motivator /Team Player
and Presenter